Body Weight Supported Gait Training

Body-Weight Supported (BWS) Gait Training systems can be used prior to the patient gaining adequate motor control or having sufficient strength to fully weight-bear while walking or crawling. The patient will wear a specialized trunk harness with adjustable straps, which attach to an overhead suspension system. The harness and its attachments support a certain amount of the patient's body weight. Gait training techniques that utilize a BWS system can enhance the ability to improve and possibly restore walking function, as demonstrated in individuals suffering from incomplete spinal cord injuries. A BWS system can be used on a treadmill or over ground for gait training. Depending on the severity of the person's impairment, one or more therapists may be present to assist in maintaining the patient's appropriate posture and moving their legs through as kinematically physiological gait pattern as possible.

Level Eleven utilizes a custom-engineered BWS gait training device in addition to its patented BWS crawling system. These devices facilitate the most independence in patient movement as possible, while providing them with the necessary support to feel comfortable and safe while redeveloping their ability to walk or crawl.


  • "ATAC" BWS Gait Trainer
  • Patented BWS Crawling System
    • Core building crawling is a prerequisite to walking
  • Gait Training Harness Systems
  • Develop and improve walking ability
  • Increase core balance muscle strength


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